Ayurveda- the alternate
branch of remedy

The structure of the human body, as much as it fascinates and brings awe to the ones who study it, also brings to focus the simple fact that, the more complex a structure is, the more difficult it is going to get fixing it, with avenues, where some issue or another can arise, being plenty. From the tip of the toe to the top of the hair, problems can occur anywhere, anytime and in any form and finding solutions to all those problems is certainly a very tough task which requires the collective effort of mankind in its entirety from the moment of origin to the present and will continue to be so even in the future.

And our collective effort might simply be not enough to find solutions for all problems and there still remain plenty of disorders and diseases that have virtually no cure or at least yet. But to the ones which can be cured, the means of remedy are also plenty. Among them the most popular might be the allopathic form of medication, which has proven to be highly effective and has developed the most over the past couple centuries. But Ayurveda, the more ancient and traditional form of medication which had once been popular centuries ago and had gone out of the spotlight, due to the rapid development of allopathic treatment methods, is now making a strong comeback with tremendous advancements and extensive research also being done in this field. There are certain skin care ailments caused due to excess fat accumulation underneath the skin, which can only be controlled through Velasmooth treatment.

Mind versus Body- Which presents more challenges in terms of treatment?

Physical problems are numerous and not all of them have a cure as stated before, but the ones that can be cured, involve more work from the doctor’s side than the patient. The problems concerning the mind are definitely tougher to overcome, for physical problems just need medications, nutritious food and proper exercise to deal with them, whereas the problems concerning the mind need more to be done from the patient’s side along with the aforementioned. The patient might not always be cooperative or capable of overcoming a psychological problem despite plenty of inputs from the doctor and monumental assistance from loved ones and this is one of the reasons, psychological disorders take more time to be rectified than physical problems. Also when it comes to mental health, there isn’t black or white and psychological problems can all be interconnected with one problem being the consequence of another and the cause for plenty more.

Allopathic treatments have traditionally been used in concurrence with psychiatric therapy to help treat problems of the mind, but Ayurveda too has its own set of medications to help deal with psychological disorders like depression, anxiety, panic and fatigue caused as a result of the other three.


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