Advice On Mixing Alcohol And Phentermine

mixing alcohol and phenterminePhentermine is a weight loss medication and we are going to look at the effects that would happen if this medication is mixed with alcohol. Firstly, let us see what effects that alcohol has on weight loss. These both actually do not mix together. Alcohol contains many calories, mostly it is full of sugar and these would get converted into fat directly. Consumption of Alcohol does not provide any nutrition to the body. Apart from this, it also decreases the testosterone levels thus making it very difficult to exercise. In addition to that, the effect of this depressant stays in the body for three days after it is consumed. This activity affects the functions of liver and also interrupts with the ability of the body to burn fat. Consumption of alcohol would make you crave for unhealthy foods thus it is totally against weight loss.

What happens if alcohol and phentermine are taken together?

Apart from hindering in the positive effects of the weight loss, this interaction would cause side effects too. You have to know that Phentermine is the Stimulant whereas alcohol is a depressant. Phentermine affects the brain directly and stimulates the energy for a workout as well as suppresses the appetite level. When alcohol is considered, it suppresses the functionality of the central nervous system. The working mechanisms of both these are very different hence taking these would only fetch you with negative effects in the body.

Some of the ill effects that are triggered while mixing alcohol and Phentermine are abnormal heart rate, variation in the blood pressure, chest pain, dizziness, depression, and trouble in concentrating. If a person takes Phentermine along with alcohol, it would suppress the effect of the medication. Alcohol would trigger hunger which affects the aim for which this weight loss medication is taken. The PH balance of the body also gets affected because of the consumption of alcohol which is not good at all.

What should you do while on the weight loss treatment with Phentermine?

Our Advice for the readers is to avoid the consumption of alcohol when getting Phentermine for weight loss treatment. If you want to take alcohol to the minimal amount then you have to discuss this with your doctor. When a person takes both together, he can identify certain changes in the body. They could experience some of the above mentioned ill effects. The consumption should be stopped quickly in this situation.

There might be cases that some people would have no ill effects from mixing alcohol and phentermine. Anyhow, this approach is definitely not the right way. Few people would have also affected from adverse side effects. If you want to be successful with your weight loss program, then it is the best to avoid the consumption of alcohol with Phentermine medication.

Take phentermine in the right way as mentioned to you and achieve successful weight loss. Stick to your aim and think about drinking alcohol after the treatment is complete.