How ayurvedic alternatives to Propecia are different from Propecia hair loss pill?

herbal propecia for baldnessThere are many ayurverdic treatments that work different but still the most preferred hair growth pill of recent times is Propecia (Finasteride). This is the main reason why people choose to buy finasteride online overnight as it was cheap and very effective in treating the problems.

Hair loss is one aspect that makes people more vulnerable to many different methods and suggestions. Obsessed with improving their hair health and stopping the thinning, many people, especially men with alopecia areata, opt for different balding methods, be it natural or chemical, to stimulate the regrowth of hair. In this article we wish to discuss how this medication is better than ayurvedic alternatives.

Are ayurvedic hair treatments better than Propecia?

The truth of the matter is that although ayurvedic treatments do bring some improvements in some people there are many aspects that make such treatments fall behind hair loss pills like Propecia:

  • Recovery time: The time it takes for the ayurvedic treatments to show improvement is much longer which demands people to stay committed to using it day in and day out. But in this generation which is fast paced, no one has the time or the patience to wait for a long time to see improvements. They need quick results, which is what makes Propecia (Finasteride) the most opted hair loss pill. It shows improvement in the hair within weeks of administration and one can swiftly see their self-confidence growing.
  • No guarantee: With natural or alternative treatments, there is hardly any assurance that these methods improve the hair growth. Even after using it for months, some people do not notice any improvements simply because of their body condition. Natural methods work in different ways to different people. Their efficacy depends on various factors which are still not understood clearly. But it is suggested that their performance mostly depends on how well the body is accepting the natural methods. But on the other hand, consuming Propecia is known to have excellent results in 80 % of people who consume the medicine, regardless of their body condition, unless there are suffering from some plaguing medical conditions that prevent them from using the pill.
  • Accessibility: Although some natural alternative methods are available in the form of capsules or oils, most ayurvedic treatments or remedies require you to prepare the recipe at home which is time-consuming. There is also an inconvenience factor that at times these ingredients might not be available at home. But it comes in the form of pills which are ready and easy to consume. All one has to do is swallow the pill with a glass of water.

The only pitfall of propecia

Although this medication can be seen more as a viable hair regrowth option compared to natural ayurvedic methods, there is one particular facet of finasteride that makes it a bit less desirable and that is it’s potential to result in side effects. Since it is a chemical formulation, unlike natural methods which do not have any side effects, It does result in some unfavorable conditions. Improper use or higher dose intake is bound to cause ill effects. Hence it must be used with certain care and one must educate themselves about proper use of the drug. Consulting a doctor before  getting cheap propecia online and starting your hair loss treatment with it is a must. Using the pill consistently for 6 months is known to show significant and visible improvement in the hair.