Increase effectiveness of Xenical with natural treatments

Xenical generically known as orlistat is a drug effectively used to treat obesity in many countries like US, UK, Canada, India etc. They prevent the absorption of certain quality fats in our diet, thereby reducing the calorie intake.  Xenical is not a magic drug, but it helps to reduce unwanted calorie intake along with a good weight loss program and that is the main reason that there are more number of people who buy Xenical from online pharmacies to treat their obesity issue. Unlike other drugs, it is an OTC category drug, meaning Over the Counter medication, supplied only via a Doctor or Pharmacist. If the drug needs to be effective one must combine the natural weight losing program along with medication.

Xenical alone would not be very efficient because it will only help you cut off the extra calorie if you want to remove existing fat you should try natural methods which technically won’t interact with orlistat in any manner. Let us see some off chart methods to reduce weight or treat obesity along with this weight loss medication.

Xenical + Natural remedy = Good result.

Xenical is normally oral administered. The common dosage to treat obesity is 120 mg, taken three times a day along with your meal. So during the meal time Xenical mix with food and block certain fats from being absorbed by the body. This unused fat is later excreted through the normal process.

effectiveness of xenical

Now, the first natural treatment which would turn some wheels with Xenical is physical exercise. The activity could be anything like yoga, aerobics, weight training, dancing, etc. The physical exercise should happen 3 hours before or after medication. Thus, the body uses maximum fat from stock there by optimizing a perfect BMI.

Next, you treat obesity by eating, not your favorite fried meal but natural fat burners like cabbage, apple, curry leaves, cucumber, Triphala (Ayurvedic name), Honey, lemon juice, you name it. This household veggies and fruits usually suggested as a home remedy to treat mild obesity has impressive results. So if you can combine these eatables in your diet then you are literally accelerating the weight lose process. It would be advised to consult your physician inorder to rule out any possible drug interaction or allergies.

It would be advised to avoid certain drugs like wаrfаrin, аmiodаronе etc. during the medication period of Xenical as they might interact with the drug and decrease its efficacy. Also, make sure that you store the drug in a proper place away from moisture and humidity, as both could spoil the drug making it useless. For more information regarding orlistat refer the pharmacy guides, online shopping is not entertained for OTC drugs, so please stay away from those online pharmacies offering Xenical.

Yoga with Xenical

This would be the best choice in the list. There many poses or exercise available in yoga which would help your body to lose weight. Pаschimotаnnаsаnа (Half pose), Sаrаl Hаstа Bhujаngаsаnа (The cobra pose), Sаrwаngаsаnа (shoulder stand) etc. are some yoga poses that would work shoulder to shoulder with Xenical to improve your BMI to bring it back to near 25’s. Yoga is better to be worked out early morning giving an adequate workout to stomach muscles after 2-3 hours take a dosage of Xenical as suggested by your doctor. Repeating this practice for around 10- 24 weeks would really bring your life back to you.