Recommended Initial Dosage Of Ambien For Treating Sleeping Problems

Ambien is usually prescribed with two dosage strengths such as 5mg and 10mg. But when it comes to the initial dosage, a healthcare professional would go about recommending only Ambien 5mg dose, which can be easily purchased from renowned online drugstores at a reasonable price.

Does everyone take only Ambien 5mg?

 ambien 5mgIn the initial phase, this lower dose would be instructed to people. When they find that this is not effective for them then they might increase to the dose to 10mg. However, this would be done only for men and not for women.

The only dose of Ambien that a woman can take is 5mg which is the lowest in this medication. There is a major reason behind this and that is women have slower metabolism rate. So the time taken for the 5mg dose tablet to leave from the bloodstream would be late. Even while taking the lowest dose, some women feel sleepiness the next morning.

But men can go about taking 10mg dosage strength because; they have a faster metabolism rate. However, even this is not applicable to all men. Some men also need to take only the lowest dose of Ambien and the healthcare professional would decide this.

How to judge your appropriate dosage strength?

You are not supposed to judge or decide your appropriate dosage strength for your sleeping condition. If you have insomnia or any other sleeping issue then you have to consult a doctor. They would decide whether Ambien can provide you with any benefit or not.

This is a sleeping pill and no online pharmacy would offer the medication without a prescription. So, it is better to go to the doctor and find out the treatment for you.

Will you be able to maintain the sleep with Ambien?

When the immediate release pills are taken, it can invoke sleep in you. But when the extended release capsules are taken, it can help an individual to get as well as maintain the sleep. So depending upon the necessity the medication can be taken.

It is also essential that you take certain measures to improve the effectiveness of the medication. Avoid using gadgets, consuming alcohol or caffeine at night. Make your place comfortable and peaceful enough for the sleep.

What should you do while taking the Ambien dose?

ambien doseBefore taking a dose of Ambien, you have to check whether you can get 7 to 8 hours of sleep or not. Only if it is possible you have to take a pill of this medication. Secondly, once you took the tablet, you have to go to bed directly rather than sitting, walking or doing other stuff. You have to take the medication only before going to sleep and not in the morning.

Is it possible for you to get addicted to Ambien dose?

Even if you are taking the dose that is appropriate for you, it is still possible for you to get addicted. This can happen when you are taking the medication for a longer period of time. First, you would develop tolerance and secondly, you would get addicted to the drug.

If you find that you are in the stage then get help from the doctor immediately, they would taper off the Ambien medication properly and halt the treatment. In each and every stage, you should get the advice from a doctor during the therapy.