Herbal weight loss techniques

Herbal weight loss techniquesObesity is a universal problem that can put a serious dent on an individual’s self-esteem and confidence. It is basically the condition where a person puts on excess fat and this increased weight begins to cause negative effects on that person’s health. Even the life expectancy of this person can significantly reduce as a result and many health problems might plague him or her. Heart related problems, diabetes, sleeping disorders, some types of cancer and joint related diseases like certain forms of arthritis are just some health risks faced by those with excessive weight.

Increase in weight is commonly stated as due to excessive food intake, insufficient physical activity to burn down those calories, endocrine disorders and psychiatric problems. Slow metabolism can also be a cause and genetics definitely plays a role as well. A person has a higher chance of becoming obese if one or both of his or her parents are obese. We provide some health tips in the following section which will have both natural and medical ways to tackle over weight.

The Body Mass Index

The body mass index or BMI is a good means to judge if a person is obese. If it is over twenty percent more than normal, the individual might be termed obese. If the body mass index is between twenty five to twenty nine point nine then that person is overweight and if it is above thirty, then he or she is obese. The body mass index basically analyzes the height and weight of an individual and determines how much a person must weigh for a particular height. However BMI might be misleading in case of men with more muscles than fat and so BMI would be a better indicator for an average person.

Losing weight using herbs and spices