Different Dosages Of Phentermine Medication

Phentermine is a very powerful and most sought after weight loss medication available in the market today. A large number of people are dependent on this drug and so is the sale of Phentermine which is growing in leaps and bounds. There is no better drug that one could get other than Phentermine. This med has helped a lot of people to shed considerable pounds of weight. The drug is to be used along with proper diet and doctor approved exercise by people who have high health risks like high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes.

At all conditions, the med has to be taken as prescribed and in the right manner to achieve significant weight loss in a much shorter time span. Phentermine is available in various dosage strengths. This blog takes a look into the various dosages of Phentermine available in the market. Learn about them and know the efficacy of each dosage strength and how it works in the body to reduce the body fat.

Available dosage of Phentermine

 dosage of PhenterminePhentermine is available in the dosage strengths of 8mg, 15mg, 18.75mg, 30mg, and 37.5mg. Your doctor will titrate the dosage whenever required according to your body condition. The Phentermine dosage level differs for various purposes for which it is taken. The dosage also differs as per the age of the person and also upon the severity of their condition. Take the medicine exactly as advised and do not increase or decrease the dosage level on your own.

Taking Phentermine for treating obesity for adult patients

Adults who are overweight or suffering from obesity can take 8mg Phentermine orally for about three times per day. The pill has to be taken prior to thirty minutes before having food. The doctor might also prescribe adults with Phentermine 15mg to 37.5mg to be taken orally, usually one or two hours before breakfast.

Phentermine dosage for pediatrics for treating obesity

People who are 17 years or older can take 8mg Phentermine med for about three times a day in the form oral administration, half an hour before having any meal. The physician might alter their dosage strength from 15mg to 37.5mg also. The med has to be taken by mouth once each day before breakfast or one or two hours post having breakfast. If you have any doubts regarding the administration of Phentermine pills, then you can talk to your doctor and get the same clarified. Do not alter the dosage level on your own as doing so can result in unfavorable health consequences.

Where can you get Phentermine?

Phentermine can be procured over the many available online pharmacies in all dosage strengths. You can order the med from your very place with just few mouse clicks. Purchase Phentermine online in bulk and avail numerous discounts. Your pills will be door delivered when you procure these weight loss pills online. You can choose the express shipping and overnight shipping delivery services offered by various digital drugstores in order to get your meds in a very short time, so that you can start your Phentermine treatment course immediately without any waiting.