What is the difference between adipex and phentermine?

You would have heard about popular weight loss medications namely Adipex and phentermine. Adipex is the brand name of phentermine medication. People can get Phentermine online as well as Adipex from reputed drugstores at a cheap price without any hassle. But, there are many questions regarding these medications like, is there any difference between Adipex and phentermine as well as the success rate of these drugs. Let us look in detail about it in this blog.

List of differences between Adipex and phentermine

Though they are brand and generic versions, there would be certain difference among them and they are:

Adipex and Phentermine

  • Adipex is sold at an expensive rate when compared to the phentermine generic, which is sold at a cheaper price.
  • Inactive ingredients among these medications differ to a certain limit but they share the same active ingredient.
  • The brand Adipex is a white tablet with blue spots in it whereas the latter is available in different shape, size, and color.
  • The chance of misusing the former is very less as it is purchased after getting a prescription compared to phentermine even though both are prescription only drugs.
  • Due to the slight variation in the inactive ingredients, some people would be effective to Adipex medication whereas others would feel effectiveness towards phentermine medication.
  • The former is manufactured by only one company whereas the latter is manufactured by various generic drug companies.

Which is the best drug for weight loss – Adipex or Phentermine?

Both these weight loss medications are best in helping the person to lose weight. The success rate of both the drugs is high. It is you who should decide what medication should be taken after discussing with the medical specialist. If you are confused between choosing Adipex and phentermine based on price, I would suggest you purchase the generic medication. This is because, both the medications has the same effect on the body. If you can afford to get the brand one then choose the former.

Do both the weight loss medications provide effectiveness in the same way?

Though there are certain differences between Adipex and phentermine, both the weight-loss medications provide same effectiveness to the people. This is because, both the drug have the same active ingredient. You should know that the active ingredient in the drug is which helps the person to get the desired result. In the case of weight loss medication, this active ingredient is which makes the person lose weight.

Why the price of Adipex is high compared to the phentermine though both produce same effectiveness?

The price is high only because the former is a brand drug. There are certain investments needed for a brand drug manufacturing company and they are in research, manufacture as well as advertisements. These three needs heavy invest on them and apart from this; the company would also get a patent right for the drug. As a result of this, there would be no competitors for them hence sell Adipex at a premium price to get profits from it. So, do not think about the price of Adipex as this is the reason behind it.